118Club is an Online Casino Credit website made for iGaming Agents. We provide multiple categories of games with quality always in mind.

Our Live Dealer Casino services gives access to multiple Western and Asian table games such as the classic Baccarat and Roulette, or Holocrab, Belangkai and Xoc Dia.

More than 100 slots are available, all providing different experiences so everyone can find what they are looking for.

Then come lotteries and keno. With a focus on Asian lotteries, we make a point to respect the rules of each country featured on our websites.

Last but not least, sports betting! Thanks to our software, any sport fan can find the match or the club they want to bet on.

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Online Casino your can play live casino at your house, Sports betting online, Slots,Keno and Poker by no need to download software Support for 6 main language around in the world !


We have over than 20 online table,tables live with real player in Casino also. Table live with Real player in the Disco….So hot !

Bac Squeeze Card

Squeezing the cards in baccarat makes the game one of the most exciting to play. Now we've it !

Multi Game Betting

Multi Game Betting display.Everyone can enjoy which table you wish to add on to play.


The chips are placed into the plate and covered with the cup and set into a table.The plate is picked up by a dealer a few inches from the table and shaken while covered.

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