When you are our member, you get more by playing with us. For every bet that you place, you have 1% betting commission.

Your betting commission is calculated in live thus you can cash it out any anytime. Win or lose, you will have always have your betting commission.

Not sure how its calculated? Check out the table below:

1 USD 100 USD 1
2 USD 500 USD 5
3 USD 1,000 USD 10
4 USD 2,000 USD 20
5 USD 4,000 USD 40
6 USD 8,000 USD 80

How will you get the betting commission pay out?

There are 2 ways which you can choose to get your commission:

  • Option 1 – The betting commission is calculated in real time, thus it is added to your balance each time a game is completed. You can opt to cash out your balance as per our terms any time
  • Option 2 – The commission is added once every week

Terms and Conditions for the Betting Commission

  • The 1% betting commission is only valid for B2B Gaming live dealer casino games only
  • The 1% betting commission is available on 12Macau, 12Vegas, 118club, Ace39 and iBet789
  • Bets placed on other game providers or sites not mentioned above, will not be covered under the 1% betting commission promotion